At Melbourne Podiatry Group we provide the following services:

Biomechanical assessment

Assessment of joint range of motion, muscle tone and strength helps identify casual factors to injury and performance and further more provide the basis of a tailored treatment plan.

Orthotic therapy

There are three types of shoe inserts that can be issued to improve foot alignment, function and re-distribute pressure areas. These include:

  • Over the counter orthoses
  • Semi-customized orthoses
  • Custom orthoses

A full biomechanical assessment will be preformed to determine if orthotic therapy is necessary.

Footwear advice

There are a range of shoes on the market each containing different features to optimize foot function. At Melbourne Podiatry Group we can prescribe the most appropriate shoe for your foot profile and sporting needs.

Neurovascular assessment

A thorough assessment of the nerves and blood vessels is preformed to determine your risk status and prevent foot complications.

Patients with Diabetes are advised to have annual neurovascular assessments to maintain good foot health and prevent adverse complications.

Diabetes education

Long standing Diabetes that is not well maintained can affect the circulation and nerve sensation in your feet. Decreased healing rates and loss of nerve sensation can increase your risk of developing foot deformities and ulcers. It is therefore important to regularly see a podiatrist to prevent complications and maintain good skin integrity.

Home visits

Patients that are unable to attend Melbourne Podiatry Group may be eligible for a home visit. Please contact Melbourne Podiatry Group and request a home visit.


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