Aged Care Facilities

At Melbourne Podiatry Group our focus is on prevention. All patients undergo an initial comprehensive assessment to identify any risk factors, establish vascular and neurological foot status  and develop a treatment plan. All patients will be re-assessed annually with high risk patients assessed every three to six months. During this assessment a monofilament, tuning fork and doppler will be used.

Regular visits to the facility will be conducted by the same podiatrist to ensure rapport with staff and patients is maintained.

Our treatments involve reduction of nails, removal of corns and callous, foot massage, wound assessment and management and footwear advice.

Handover with staff is conducted at the end of each visit to the facility and all documentation is to the Australian Standards including sterilisation details.

We have a 24/7 phone service available for wound advice and urgent matters.

Please contact Melbourne Podiatry Group on 1300 650 293 to make an appointment, or make an appointment online today.